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The cost of a root canal treatment with Dr. Stanley Asensio in Orlando is likely a legitimate concern for you. But it’s also one of those easy excuses for people who’re too afraid to get a root canal treatment but don’t want to admit to their friends that they equate root canals with dental torture. Because they know that’s really a baseless fear!

Because each patient and each tooth is different and many factors affect the price tag of a root canal treatment, we here at Stanley H. Asensio, DMD can’t give out a specific quote to everyone from Orlando out there on the Web. But we’d be happy to help you get an idea of the cost by giving you some details on how the cost is determined and you can then meet with Dr. Asensio to get your own individualized quote.

The major components of the cost of a root canal at Stanley H. Asensio, DMD include the staff, amount of staff training, and technology available during the treatment and the amount of chair time necessary to perform the procedure.

How long you need to spend in the dental chair depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The position of your infected tooth
  • The quantity of roots and canals present in your infected tooth
  • The length of the roots and any root curvatures the infected tooth may possess
  • Whether or not there are calcifications within the root canal space

There are also specific special dental considerations. For example, Dr. Asensio may have to work through an existing crown or a bridge, which is more difficult and demands more time than working through a small filling or a natural tooth.

Or a patient may have teeth that have been considerably decayed or cracked due to previous dental disease. Since an aseptic field must be maintained during treatment, Dr. Asensio will have to work to “build-up” your tooth before root canal treatment can begin.

And what of those other factors?

Technology plays a large role in determining the cost of a patient’s root canal procedure. When you go to Dr. Asensio, you’re getting the very best endodontic treatment with the latest, most advanced endodontic technology. This includes items such as operating microscopes, computer digital radiography, ultrasonics, and specialized training courses for himself and his staff. Why should you have to pay for this? Because without this technology, you wouldn’t be getting the least invasive, least painful root canal treatment in all of Orlando! Plus, you’re not paying for ALL of it. The cost is shared by all patients who benefit from this technology.

Don’t forget about the overhead costs of maintaining the dental office: staff salaries, rent, and supplies are just the start of a dentist office’s expenses. You may have heard of better prices outside of Florida, but that’s because these costs are determined by the standard of living in any given area. Your trip out of state to see some other dentist who charges a little bit less would cost more than getting the best service right here in Orlando!

So though you may wonder why one dentist charges more or less than another, because you heard your friend got his treatment in Orlando for much less than your quote from Dr. Asensio, remember the many factors that go into determining your root canal price quote. Your friend may have had a less extensive infection.

The best deal on root canal treatment would be a one-time treatment that gives you a healthy tooth for years to come. That means that what seems like the “best deal” now could actually be the most expensive option, if it requires subsequent treatment or leads to further problems. At Stanley H. Asensio, DMD, you’re paying for quality. When it comes to your health, how can you not?

If you have any more questions or want to meet with Dr. Stanley Asensio to get your root canal price quote, fill out the online form or call Stanley H. Asensio, DMD directly at (855) 725-5516.

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